At-Tawheed Foundation

At-Tawheed Foundation was established in 2009 with the aim of spreading the orthodox teachings of Islam based on Quran & Hadith, following the establishment of At-Tawheed foundation a disused sports & Social Club was located in the centre of the city in an area called Shelton which had a high concentration of Muslims by the grace and mercy of Allah the building was purchased for one hundred and thirty-three thousand pounds with £95,000 of the total being received in the form of loans which was fully paid back in 2012 the building was named Markaz At-Tawheed and shortly after its inception in 2009 the Markaz has been active in propagating the pure and pristine teachings of Islam based upon the Quran & Sunnah.

In addition to the Daily Prayers Jum’ah & children’s Madrasah classes, Markaz At-Tawheed has been active in carrying out events and activities ranging from drug awareness workshops to the classes on Aqidah with hundreds of worshippers attending the Masjid Markaz At-Tawheed is and continues to Insha’Allah facilitate the needs of the local community, Due to the number up worshipers attending a project was recently launched to extend the building in order to provide more space for women funds are currently being raised in order to facilitate this project Insha’Allah.

Following the opening of Markaz At-Tawheed in Shelton it was recognized that Muslims were attending from all over the city Muslims from both the North and south of the city approached the trustees at At-Tawheed Foundation seeking assistance to establish new Masaajid’s which also confirmed to the authentic teachings of Islam in 2012 a disused building was identified in the north of the city in the area of Tunstall by the grace of Allah the building was purchased for £73,750, with the entire total being received in the form of loans.

In 2013 muslims residing in the south of the city identified a former community centre in the area of Normacot adjoining the area known as Longton by the mercy of Allah, the former community centre comprising of two separate buildings and outdoor sports court was purchased at an auction for two hundred and twenty-eight thousand pounds the former community centre was named Markaz Al-Huda and currently is open for the Daily prayers, Jum’ah and Madrasah classes.

Alhamdulillah, three centres have been established with the aim of propagating Islam in accordance with the teachings of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him), for more information please browse our website, or alternatively please contact us:


Markaz At-Tawheed, Rectory Road, Shelton, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 4PW.
Phone/Mobile: 01782 204 106 | 07917 772765