2023 in Numbers

At-Tawheed Foundation has been serving the community for several years, alhamdulillah, at its three Masajid across Stoke-on-Trent – Markaz At-Tawheed – Shelton, Markaz As-Sunnah – Tunstall & Markaz Al-Huda – Longton.

Be part of our vision to grow the services we provide to our community!

Some of the current activities taking place in our Masajid:

🔹️Five daily prayers

🔹️ Jumuah khutbahs with dedicated prayer halls for men and women across all three Masajid

🔹️Thriving madrasah with 177 children, 7 madrasah teachers, and a dedicated hifdh teacher

🔹️ Weekly Islamic lessons for men, women & children

🔹️Sisters’ weekly coffee mornings

🔹️ Children’s Quran lessons every weekend using interactive resources and arts & crafts

🔹️ Monthly lectures & talks open to all

🔹️ Lectures and seminars specifically for sisters

🔹️ Workshops for children about Ramadan and Hajj

🔹️ Masjid Advice WhatsApp group – Ask the Imam

🔹️Non-Muslim dawah

🔹️ Food bank for the needy in the local community

🔹️ Taraweeh prayers and short reminders afterwards

🔹️ Community Iftars and I’tikaaf

🔹️ Eid Prayers in the park with 2000+ in attendance

🔹️ Marriage services

🔹️ Family reconciliation services

🔹️ Dispute resolution services

🔹️ Mortuary and funeral services

With Allah’s help and blessings, the organisation wants to extend its services. We aim to:

1) Start an intensive Islamic studies course for young people using an all-inclusive interactive Islamic curriculum.

2) Invest in live-streaming cameras to share weekly lessons and khutbahs, which will serve as a great dawah opportunity.

3) Yearly workshops on ghusl and takfeen both for men and women; on protective duas and sihr; on preparation for Ramadan & Hajj and on salah for children

4) Seminars regarding Christmas and Easter

5) Summer Youth Khutbahs

6) Hadith class for sisters & stay and play sessions for early years’ children.

We pray to Allah to keep us all sincere and upright in all that we do, and we ask Allah to grant us tawfeeq, Ameen!

For more information regarding our Masajid and activities, please visit our website: www.attawheedfoundation.co.uk
Find us on Facebook: FB.com/ATFStokeDawah

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